The Department of Revenue's "I'm pet friendly" license proceeds

Help support the "I'm pet friendly" license plate program!

The Department of Revenue's "I'm pet friendly" license plate proceeds are returned to local shelters and non-profits to be used for spay/neuter programs. These programs are proven ways to reduce the number of unwanted pets. One of the grantees has been Perry Animal Welfare Society, Inc. who provided financial support for over 430 pet owners in the last three years alone.

The "I'm pet friendly" grant has helped 183 cat owners sterilize their pets thru PAWS. PAWS feels that each time a litter is prevented, the local shelters can do more with their resources. PAWS also feels that potential cat owners will chose to adopt because the number of "free kittens" ads should be reduced due to the sterilizations.

Please consider this option at your next renewal, and show your support for the pets.