T-N-T Fitness's Personal Training Service

This is one of our client's, we have been traveling to her home and putting her through a workout.

T-N-T Fitness is a traveling personal training service, serving the Cape Girardeau and Jackson Area. If you are a Cape Girardeau or Jackson resident that does not have time to go to the gym, not comfortable enough exercising in a public area, having trouble motivating yourself to exercise, or just looking to amplify your current exercise program T-N-T Fitness is just what you are looking for.

T-N-T Fitness travels to your home to make exercising more of a convince and not as much of a hassle. As certified personal trainers we motivate and assist you during your entire fitness journey to make your health a necessity. We design personalized programs to help you achieve your fitness goals by utilizing functional movements and resourcefully using body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands, and stability balls all in your privacy, without having to stress about going to the gym. Tyler Blessing owner of T-N-T Fitness states that "If you follow our entire program you will always get the results that you are looking for. We are also the only personal trainers in this area that will offer you a 100% results guarantee. If you are thinking about using us remember that this is an investment in yourself to live a healthier life."

Your health needs to be a high priority, so you can experience the joys of life without the distractions of current or future lifestyle diseases (such as Type II Diabetes, and Heart Disease), which may be avoided with a personalized exercise program and a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are already exercising or trying to start, T-N-T Fitness can travel to you and help better your health and self-image.