Letter to the Editor

RTW entitlement scenario

In regard to right-to-work (RTW) legislation, I feel it is appropriate to present labor's point of view. Our perspective respects individuals' rights and appreciates the positive qualities that a strong middle class brings to society.

Union members coach Little League, pay taxes, help the needy, attend church and stimulate our economy. Many of us are military veterans. We go to work, everyday, building things, delivering things, producing goods and providing services. Union members keep us safe and are a fabric of our society. We certainly could use more people like them.

Members choose to join unions for the benefits they receive from representation and collective bargaining. Nobody can ever be forced to join a union. Any person who has ever implied that is mistaken. It is illegal to require any individual to belong to a union in order to gain employment. Therefore, the "RTW" for less bills suggest that they provide workers with a freedom to choose, which they already possess. RTW is the ultimate entitlement scenario. With RTW, people receive something for nothing. Workers receive the benefits of collective bargaining without paying for the services which they receive. RTW is really all about multinational corporations attempting to eliminate unions whom they view as a threat to their ability to run rampant without regard to working conditions, safety or quality of life for their employees.

Call your legislators. Tell them to seek legislation that will bring jobs and prosperity to this great state instead of attacking working families.

JJ LANE, Jackson