Letter to the Editor

Special Olympics, local kindness

I just completed a wonderful four-day stay in your beautiful city at the Special Olympics State Championships. I am a coach for the team from Trenton and would like to thank your wonderful Parks and Recreation Division for all of their hard work preparing the fields for the games as well as the folks at the Drury Inn who made our stay so enjoyable.

I want to also send a special thanks to the folks at ValuVision Optometrists. Late in the competition Saturday, one of our special athletes broke his glasses and I took them in for repair right at closing time. Steve Emmons worked on the glasses for a good 25 minutes and when we went to pay, he responded, "Tell your athlete good luck and enjoy your stay." The athlete was really feeling bad because he thought he was going to miss the dance on Saturday night, but because of Steve's knowledge and hard work, the glasses were rendered good as new and Curtis, the special athlete, had a wonderful time at the dance.

On behalf of all the DAWGS (disabled athletes with Grundy support) a sincere thank you to Steve and ValuVision for saving the day