Letter to the Editor

GOP rhetoric on global warming

We frequently hear Republican rhetoric about saving Medicare and eliminating national debt for the future generations. Indeed, these are noble goals.

Yet these very Republicans are almost totally blind to the fact that today, due to steady forward march of global warming, ice cap on the North Pole is shrinking more rapidly than ever, glaciers on mountains are receding faster than ever, hurricanes are more destructive than ever, and the age-old weather patterns are changing faster than farmers can keep up with.

Despite these extremely detrimental changes in the environment brought on by burning fossil fuel, which threaten the very existence of future generations, shortsighted and money-hungry Republicans continue to promote drilling and burning more fossil fuel such as oil, gas and coal instead of promoting production of alternative energy sources such as wind, sun and hydrogen.

Why is this the case? Everyone knows that Republicans have sold their souls to fossil fuel industry. What is their mantra for the future generation they love so much? "Drill baby drill! Drill in Alaska! Drill at the North Pole! Drill in the Gulf of Mexico! Drill off shore everywhere! Build more pipelines! Never mind the global warming! Never mind the environment. We are not responsible for the environmental changes! And it is not our responsibility to address it. Think about making more money today! Damn the future!"

Future generations will remember Republicans as those who mortgaged their very existence to vested interests. Mark my words.

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau