Local Paddler Competes in MR340 Endurance Race

Matt Smith of Jackson, MO, recently competed in the MR 340 endurance race. Matt paddled 340 miles on the Missouri River from Kansas City, Mo to St. Charles, MO in 67hrs and 9 minutes earning 21st place in the competition.

Local Paddler, Matt Smith of Jackson, MO recently competed in the MR340 Endurance Race which was held July 31-August 3, 2012. The MR340 is a 340 mile endurance race in which participants have 88 hours to paddle their way from Kansas City, MO to St.Charles MO along the Missouri River. There are checkpoints along the way and if paddlers do not meet time cut offs they will be disqualified. Each year, 2/3 of the 350 participants who start the race do not finish, so just to complete the race is a huge accomplishment. This year was an extemely challenging year for the race participants, each day they battled exteremely high temperatures and slow river currents due to the drought. Matt finished the race in 67 hours and 9 minutes, earning him 21st place in the race.