Local motor cycle riding group makes annual trip.

Home base of Warchild Riding Group, Sandy's Toddle Inn at Chaffee Missouri

Warchild Riding Group just got back from their 8th annual weekend trip to Memphis where a few of the nearly 100 members took St Jude Children Hospital a check for $9,500!!!

The annual donation is dependant each year on the hard work of the members of Warchild and their supporters through the Riding Group's annual Spring Poker Run, their BIG fundraiser the first weekend in June, called "Rebel Yell" and selling their unique coloring books for $5.00 each.

Warchild RG members had also saved over 2 fifty-five gallon drums of aluminum can pull tabs which once recycled are used to pay for dialysis. Each tab is worth 3 minutes of time on the life saving machines.

It costs 1 point seven million a day to run St Jude Children's Hospital. If you are ever looking for a good charity to donate too, this is one. No child should have to endure Cancer.

The group took the tour of the facilities and again you cannot take the tour without getting teary eyed. We may have only given a few minutes of money to run the machines, but it could be the few minutes that save a child's life, or allow someone to find the cure.

THANK YOU Warchild RG members and all of your supporters. YOU and your support/donations are what made this year's donation possible!!

If you would like to learn more about the GOOD works being done by Warchild Riding Group, or to make a donation, buy a coloring book, or to learn what it takes to become a member of Warchild, find us online at http://warchildrg.weebly.com/ Or on Facebook at Warchild RG.