Paid election letter: Lichtenegger has served us well

Two years ago, I endorsed and supported Donna Lichtenegger for state representative. Donna knew many Republicans in leadership positions in the House. They knew and trusted Donna. As a result, they made her part of the Republican leadership team.

Donna performed at a very high level. Speaker of the House Dr. Steven Tilley named Donna vice chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee for Health, Senior Services, Social Services and Mental Health. This committee controls more than one-third of the state budget.

Donna was named "Freshman of the Year for Health Care Issues."

She was one of the only three freshmen (out of 60) that introduced a bill, got it passed and signed into law by the governor during her first year.

Recently she was awarded the prestigious Defender of Prosperity Award 2012 by Americans for Prosperity. This award was given to only four elected legislators in Missouri.

Donna has served us well. I believe she deserves to be re-elected for a second term. I encourage you to vote Aug. 7.

FRITZ SANDER, 1131 Shady Lane, Jackson, MO 63755