Make your own path

Peer pressure is often seen as a bad thing, but it doesn't have to be.

When peer pressure is positive and promotes good values and productivity, it's called leadership.

A handful of local students are showing their leadership by putting their talents toward a campaign against drug and alcohol abuse.

Southeast Missouri State University freshman Nic Barna's slogan, "Make Your Own Path" was selected as one of 25 winning slogans in a nationwide contest. Barna, a Jackson High School graduate, is a member of the Southeast Missouri Youth Substance Abuse Coalition. He is joined on the commission by his brother Jacob, a sophomore at Jackson High; Mackenzie Moore, a seventh-grader at Cape Girardeau Central Junior High School; and Tyler Gholson, a senior at Jackson, who also participated in radio interviews and other aspects of marketing to share their stance against substance abuse.

Thank you to these young people who are encouraging others to make wise decisions.