Donated computers

All too often we hear stories of inefficiencies and waste in government. It's refreshing to hear stories of government being innovative in finding ways to make the most of the resources available.

The Cape Girardeau U.S. Army Recruiting Station is giving away 11 surplus computers to school districts in need. The computers, only 3 years old, have had data erased from their hard drives.

Each computer is also equipped with a program built and hosted by the U.S. Army called March 2 Success, a tool to help high school students in language arts, mathematics and science. The computers will also be used to assist students in preparation for taking the ACT and SAT.

Schools to benefit from the first round of donations are Perryville, Kelly, Scott City, Oak Ridge and Advance high schools. The station plans to expand this program in the near future to cover other schools in Southeast Missouri and Illinois.

While the program does have information about recruiting, this is a no-strings-attached effort to simply help area students.

It's a blessing to see individuals and groups in Southeast Missouri do the right thing for the right reason, and this effort by the U.S. Army is a great example.