Catholic schools enrollment

Notre Dame Regional High School is once again seeing a growth in enrollment. Recently, the Catholic school announced its largest freshman class of 150 students. The total school enrollment is up to 528 students -- 30 students more than last year. This growth is despite a national trend among Catholic schools that shows decreasing enrollment.

Since Notre Dame principal Brother David Migliorino started at Notre Dame nearly 12 years ago, the high school's enrollment has increased by about 150 students. Notre Dame is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the nation. Even more impressive, Notre Dame is keeping tuition low in comparison to Catholic schools around the country.

The growth at Notre Dame has led to a need for expansion. The school is building a new multipurpose center and a classroom addition.

Other Catholic schools in Southeast Missouri are also showing steady increases in enrollment, or they are holding the previous year's enrollment.

These numbers are especially impressive considering the difficult economic situations many are facing. The enrollment increase speaks volumes about the quality of education these fine schools provide. Congratulations to all our private schools in Southeast Missouri, and thank you for your commitment to Southeast Missouri's students.