Letter to the Editor

Need council input on casino

Is our city council really taking a deliberative look at the casino issue? Absolutely not.

We elect the council to lead us. They and city manager Scott Meyer have failed miserably to this point, having purposely chosen not to investigate one other option: not having a casino. Their recent work session allowed possible developers to present their case. No experts were invited to present the case against.

No council member has said one word suggesting that a casino might be unwise for our community's future. In fact, they have even discouraged citizens from giving themselves a voice in this, saying that one of two close elections nearly two decades ago was mandate enough. But more than 2,700 voting citizens signed a petition saying, "Stop, city council, you are wrong to go on without our voice. Let us speak."

The real question is this: Will our council make a good-faith effort between now and November of helping their constituents make a wise decision, or will they continue their current role of gambling cheerleader?

MIKE WOELK, Cape Girardeau