Prom night

Proms have been held at a dozen or so area high schools in recent weeks. Based on photo galleries of these special-memory events posted on the semissourian.com website, most everyone had a great time.

Southeast Missourian photographers have captured the enthusiasm that comes from dancing away the night while decked out in gowns and suits of every color and description.

For viewers of the photo galleries who don't have anyone in their families involved in the proms, the photos provide an opportunity to relive those special dances from 10, 15 or even 50 years ago. And it's a wonderful way to gauge how much has changed -- or hasn't -- in the way proms are held today.

Each of the proms have had special themes, and many of the photos show how those themes were carried out.

Some of the photos capture special moments. Others are beautifully artistic icons of a high school tradition. Take a look online at the photos and relive an evening where music, dancing and style meld into a night to remember.

Hats off to the organizers of this year's proms. It's obvious that a great deal of time and effort went into each one.