Letter to the Editor

Applied ethics for progressives

Everything we do must lead to U.N. control.

We won. So you have no say.

We have to pass it so we can find out what is in it.

We always abide by the rules. If they don't work for us, we'll change them so they do, even if they are unconstitutional.

One bribe is wrong, but more than one makes them OK (David Axelrod).

When we know the citizens are against what we want, we will:

* Bury it in hopes no one will notice.

* Not let the opposition see the bill.

* Deny it's there. We know the progressive media will back up our contentions.

* Add to it after the bill is finalized by Congress in the dead of the night, then not let them see it.

* Have two sets of the bill, vote on one, then after it is finalized switch bills to the one we want.

* Lock them out when we don't want input from the opposition, and not permit them to speak on the floor, then tell the media they have no ideas. The media will make certain those who don't think will accept it as truth.

* Consult Saul Alinksy's "Rules for Radicals" when all else fails.

* Make sure, when we choose a woman to clean up the House, she's the most unethical of all.

LEE SNIDER, Cape Girardeau