Letter to the Editor

Too lenient with our criminals

To the editor:

Is the author of "Execution more costly than life" really convinced that it costs more to execute a person that to feed him for the rest of his life?

There is also a moral and spiritual side to this matter. It's a tragedy to lose a family member. However, the government also has the solemn duty to punish an evil-doer according to the severity of his crime.

Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, said: "Whoso takes the sword shall perish with the sword." And St. Paul writes of the civil government: "She bears not the sword in vain. She is God's servant to execute judgment upon them that do evil." The word "sword" here refers to execution.

When a person is guilty of murder, why feed and house him for years at taxpayers' expense? I believe in swift punishment for criminals. We are too lenient with our lawbreakers.

At the same time, I believe everyone who is sentenced to death should have an opportunity to have contact with a clergyman of his choice. The penitent thief on the cross was converted in his last hour.