Letter to the Editor

Deadlock isn't what we want

I hope Republicans in Congress will rethink their current policy and view the possible consequences. The party started with the great mission of saving our Union under President Lincoln. It has had many good leaders. But at present members threaten no cooperation with Democrats, paralyzing our national government.

What happens if this attempt to appeal to voters is successful? After the November elections, just suppose Republicans win several more Senate seats. It appears impossible for Republicans to win enough races to gain the 60 Senate seats necessary for a so-called supermajority and push through their own plans. At most, they would be left with a weak majority. Then the shoe would be on the other foot. An outraged Democratic Party would be left with enough Senate seats to block the Republicans, just as the Republicans are doing now. It would result in more months of bafflement, frustration and deadlock. The American public has been vocal in saying a deadlocked do-nothing Congress is not what it wants.

I urge the Republican Party to rethink its strategy. Otherwise, the grand party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan is headed toward a confrontation no one wants -- and in which the nation can only lose.

LEE FLOR, Marble Hill, Mo.