Coffee Camp Appoints New Press Officer

Coffee Camp Appoints New Press Officer

Commander Gary Ayres of the Col. John T. Coffee Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Osceola, Missouri is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Press Officer to replace longtime Press Officer David Reif. The new voice of the Coffee Camp will be Clint Lacy of Marble Hill, MO.

Mr. Lacy is an experienced writer who has been widely published for several years now. He has designed and operated a number of websites including the acclaimed Missouri issues site, The Bushwhacker Blog, among others. Mr. Lacy is a married man and father of two and is an Alderman in his hometown.

"I think Clint will make an excellent Press Officer. He has served the Camp by unselfishly donating his time and expertise" said Commander Ayres. "He has helped us through a crisis period when we had to get a new website running. Clint got our authorized Coffee Camp site, on the net when our old server experienced personal issues" remarked Ayres.

The Camp's original Press Officer David Reif praised the incoming officer saying, "For quite some time now we have been working with Mr. Lacy showing him the ropes and familiarizing him with protocol. He is a good writer and will be able to work through the difficult public issues that face us. Where my experience was primarily paper based he is oriented more to web based communication."

Reif went on to say, "Our task is increasingly difficult today. We must not only defend the memory of the Confederate soldier who can no longer defend himself but we must defend the cause of the 10th Amendment which most nearly defines the War Between the States. That cause is in deep trouble right now." Reif continued, "Clint's promotion is an example of how Commander Ayres has structured our Camp. He encourages members to participate in bringing new leaders forward so there are no gaps in leadership. His model of supporting individual initiative has made him a favorite of rank and file members in our Camp and throughout the rest of the South."

Mr. Lacy will take over the duties of Press Officer immediately and will become the media contact for the Coffee Camp. He can be reached at: