Letter to the Editor

An interrogation challenge

The recent letter from John Rice inspires me to respond to him as I have others, including Geraldo Rivera.

First, there is not a consensus that waterboarding is torture. Webster defines it as the infliction of extreme pain.

Second, I will make the same offer as I have to the others. I challenge Mr. Rice to put his loved ones where his mouth is. I will volunteer to have him (Mr. Rice has to be the administrator of the interrogation using only his "acceptable" methods and the approved methods of the Army Field Manual) administer his approved methods of interrogation on me for 72 hours providing he does the following: He will allow me to take two of his most loved immediate family members and put them in an airtight container with 72 hours of air. If he can break me in the 72 hours I will gladly concede he is correct and profusely apologize. If he cannot break me, well ... .

To date, I have had no takers. Talk is cheap.

BILL PALMER, Bakersfield, Calif.