Bus driver focuses on students' needs

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Imagine the confusion at the scene of an accident involving a school bus. In just such an accident earlier this month involving a bus carrying Nell Holcomb School students and driven by Sue Rees, this critical information was immediately available, thanks to the bus driver's seating chart.

Troopers at the scene from the Missouri State Highway Patrol were so impressed that they are considering including the seating chart concept in future training.

Moreover, the bus driver, Rees, showed good judgment after the accident.

Knowing how youngsters process information, even if it's visual, she asked ambulance personnel to not put her on a stretcher because she didn't want students to become frightened.

Rees drove her regular route the day of the accident, once again providing positive information to students.

Hats off to Rees for her professional actions after the accident that were motivated by concern for the students. Nell Holcomb school officials and parents of students who ride buses should be proud.

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