Letter to the Editor

All of Scripture condemns sins

To the editor:

The writer of the letter "Die is cast -- for a while" made a critical remark: "The pietists and the Pharisees won. Lord, we thank thee that we are not as the other men are, abortionists, homosexuals, liberals or even as this tax collector."

The writer seems to indicate that to speak out against these activities would be anti-Christian. Jesus spoke out sharply against sin. To such who repented he forgave their sin from the bottom of his heart. Examples: Zacheas, the tax collector who vowed to repay fourfold where he had cheated, or the woman caught in the act of adultery and brought to Jesus by the Pharisees. The Lord forgave her, no doubt because she repented. But Christ also added the firm warning: "Go, and sin no more."

In the Old Testament, Moses and the other prophets warned against sin. In the New Testament, John the Baptist as well as St. Paul warned sharply against the above-mentioned sins and admonished the people to repent.

All of Scripture sharply condemns the acts homosexuality, adultery and abortion. Think about it, you who make light of these and other sins.