Ice racing: What a cool event

It's not easy raising money these days. And it's hard to find fun things for families to do together.

But a group of Marble Hill people were able to, for one day anyway, defeat the economy, the heat and the video-game culture by hosting ice races at Pellegrino Park.

For $2 you could buy an ice block and slide down a large tarp -- just for the fun of it. Even Southeast Missourian reporter Peg McNichol and photographer Kit Doyle got in on the fun while covering the event last Saturday. Marble Hill resident Jack Watt submitted a photo online at semissourian.com. Watt came up with the idea last year for a G-rated event for families to try to upgrade some civic projects, including improving the town's parks.

The event Saturday raised $300, which will go toward building a $7,000 community stage in Magnolia Park in Marble Hill. Last year's races helped fund a new fire station sign and a Christmas tree in Magnolia Park.

It's a treat to see people enjoy themselves while at the same time helping improve their communities. Congratulations to Watt and the others for coming up with such a slick idea.