The peak of spring

Southeast Missouri has enjoyed a rare early spring this year, one in which blooming flowers and blossoming trees have been unmarred by heavy frost -- although temperatures last night were nippy. When was the last time anyone can remember tulip trees keeping their marvelous flowers and not being zapped by a spring freeze?

And who knew Cape Girardeau had so many cherry trees? Thanks to below-freezing temperatures in recent years, most cherry blossoms haven't survived long enough to attract much attention. They year the trees are beautifully evident all over town. In particularly, take a look at the allee of cherry trees leading to the main entrance of Dempster Hall on the Southeast Missouri State University campus.

Because of the cooperative weather, spring is showing its full natural glory, and it's worth a drive around town or out into the countryside to enjoy the colors.

Even garden centers have been taking advantage of the milder weather, stocking up on spring favorites and introducing cascades of new plants with bold colors.

Spring fever is terribly contagious. But it's not as uncomfortable as its cousin, spring allergies. This also has been one of the worst years in recent memory for allergy sufferers, thanks to the warm days and relatively mild winter.

Fortunately, the colors of spring are enough to overcome stuffed-up sinuses in most cases.

Enjoy spring. Summer is on its way.