Letter to the Editor

Limbaugh using his connections to make money

To the editor:

Kudos to Clayton Hallmark from Kansas and his letter to the editor regarding David Limbaugh's new book. It is comforting to know that in a conservative state like Kansas there are people who are not afraid to speak up when they think the "right" is wrong.

The idea that a person cannot be a liberal Democrat and a Christian is idiotic at best and barbaric at worst. Limbaugh is using his political and personal connections to make money from a book that will only be purchased by maybe 30 percent of the population, if that much. These people will purchase and read this book with a closed mind to what is really happening. He chose the title of his book for two reasons: to sell as many copies as he can, and to create more mass hysteria amongst the conservative Christians in this country.

This sort of demagoguery is what you might expect from someone like Jerry Fallwell, who instead of showing sympathy for the victims of 9-11 blamed it on the people's sinful nature and called it punishment from God.


Cape Girardeau