Letter to the Editor

Cheryl Ellis assists SALT efforts

Thursday, May 31, 2007

To the editor:As the chairman for Seniors and Lawmen Together, I wish to share our group's sincere appreciation for Cheryl Ellis and the work she has done for us.

SALT recently held its 10th annual law enforcement memorial. It was our best program yet, having 193 law enforcement officer, SALT members and, most importantly, family members of the 18 officers we honored in attendance.

Four years ago, SALT decided to make an effort to improve its memorial event and open it to the public. It was our desire to let family members of fallen heroes know they had not been forgotten. To promote our initiative, our thought was to involved children.

Cheryl assisted greatly by promoting our event through the Southeast Missourian Jr. For the last four years, Cheryl has held contests through the publication promoting interest in our fallen-officer tribute.

I know Cheryl has been an asset for the Cape Girardeau Police Department with many different projects, but I truly believe that many of the successes SALT has experienced the last few years in its memorial event are due largely to Cheryl's assistance.

Thank you for allowing Cheryl to work with the SALT group, promoting what I believe is an honorable event and the many other projects in which she is involved. The work Cheryl does reflects well upon the Southeast Missourian.

ROGER FIELDS, Captain of Operations, Cape Girardeau Police Department