Letter to the Editor

Missouri Baptists, unite

To the editor:The Missouri Baptist Convention recently removed the executive director and replaced him. With the way it has been handled, it is time to also remove all other members of the MBC board and staff involved with this decision, as they are tainted.

For months, accusations and innuendo have been made in many periodicals concerning the executive director, yet none was specifically addressed or proven. As a member of an MBC church, I have tried to follow the stories and investigation with no success of finding any wrongdoing. Innuendo, accusations and closed meetings smack of a witch hunt and do not properly serve Baptists.

One accusation mentions "employee morale is low" because of the executive director. Another claims the reputation of Baptists is "portrayed unprofessionally" because of the executive director. Has the board not seen that same low morale and unprofessional representation from themselves?

An ad hoc committee admits the executive director "had not done anything immoral, unethical, unbiblical or financially irresponsible." Show me a real reason for the dismissal. I vote no confidence in the MBC board and staff. This is a sad testimony to Missouri Baptists and seems self-serving and unchristian-like behavior on the board and staff's part.

Until we have trust and confidence that the MBC properly and scripturally represents us, we, as church members, churches and associations, should withhold our money that normally would go to support the MBC until it cleans house. This action should awaken them to our expectations and how to represent Missouri Baptists.