Letter to the Editor

Stem cells hold promise for cures

Saturday, July 15, 2006

To the editor:

Regarding Dr. Michael Wulfer's comments opposing the Missouri Stem Cell Initiative: More than 40 Nobel laureates disagree with his position, not to mention the vast majority of medical researchers.

I ask that Missourians please take the time to think about this. If in a few or even 15 years down the road there is a cure derived from early stem-cell research, and there likely will be, will you deny that cure to your loved one suffering from multiple sclerosis? Will you deny that cure to your brother or sister who has suffered a spinal-cord injury and may never eat or breathe on his or her own again? Will you deny that cure to your spouse who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or ALS and can no longer talk due to the rapid progression?

With all the discussion of this initiative, I ask that everyone take a step back and ask yourselves these questions.

The fact is this research, whether it happens in Missouri or not, will go on. Do Missourians really not want to benefit from these cures someday? We deserve equal access to medical care, and that is what the Missouri Stem Cell Initiative does.

Please take the time to think about your loved ones who, if not now, will possibly someday be affected by a debilitating disease, waking each day and facing the prospect of pain, immobility, isolation and the bleak prospect of a premature and tragic end to life.

SANDRA CATO, Cape Girardeau