Letter to the Editor

No thanks for honesty with guitar

To the editor:

Does honesty really pay nowadays? I think for most people it does, but one would have to wonder why. A family member found a guitar in the roadway on an early morning paper route. It was obvious the guitar had fallen out of a vehicle, because the case had heavy skid scratches on it. Acquaintances threatened to hawk it because they knew it was a valuable 1974 Fender. They brought the guitar to our house to be locked up while they watched the paper in case it was listed as lost. When they found it indeed was listed as stolen, they put a note on the door of the owner who was listed in the ad. The people called and set a time to meet to get the guitar back. It was the police who came rather than the people who owned the guitar. They took a report on how it was obtained, took our name and number and took the guitar to return to the owner. Do you think anyone bothered to say thank you for our honesty? No, they didn't. Some people can be so ungrateful.

SHELLY McANINCH, Cape Girardeau