Letter to the Editor

Southerners demand attention

Thursday, March 2, 2006

To the editor:

Here is what I have told House Speaker Rod Jetton, state Sen. Jason Crowell, numerous Republicans as well as the whole Democratic Party: Make room once again for Southerners.

Ronald Reagan won them over because the Democrats were no longer conservative, and they felt their heritage would be safe in the hands of the Republicans. It was Southern Democrats who gave Republicans their victories.

The Democrats held Missouri since Reconstruction until the 2004 election when Gov. Bob Holden removed the Confederate flags from Higginsville and Pilot Knob. Republicans have hinted that they will restore them. They have not. What's the holdup? One governor took them down. One governor can put them back up.

Republicans have turned into liberal neoconservatives and have created a police state by enacting the Patriot Act, which is eerily similar to the 1933 Enabling Act that gave Adolf Hitler his dictatorial powers. Just like the Nazis, Republicans tell us it is necessary for our protection.

Meanwhile, our Southern border is unprotected, and our seaports are being sold to Arab countries.

Neocon talk-show hosts degrade Southern heritage on a daily basis now.

In short, we are sick of this treatment. Return the flags. Return our freedom. This advice is free, but some Republicans would charge up to $30,000 for it.

CLINT E. LACY, Marble Hill, Mo.