Letter to the Editor

Area youths help out in W. Va.

To the editor:

Vincentian Marian Youth of Southeast Missouri [based in Perryville, Mo., with 22 young people and 11 adults on a weeklong mission trip] came to Rock View, W. Va., a small community with special needs.

These youths, under Cathy Peirick, undertook a project in my mother's home. She is 87 years old and not able to do a lot of work because of illness. She's still self-sufficient but needs work done on her home. Because of family jobs and other obligations, we couldn't get to it.

In a matter of a few hours, these five girls removed a plasterboard ceiling and insulation in her basement. They also cleaned up the mess.

It is great that these young ladies are willing to take time out of their summer to help those who need it. We appreciate them so much. I hope this letter will show the community how much we appreciated their coming to our town and helping an 87-year-old woman.

This is to encourage other youths to do the same. May God bless Vincentian Marian Youth.

MELODY COOK, Rock View, W. Va.