Letter to the Editor

Canceled classes having negative effect on students

Saturday, May 17, 2003

To the editor:

This is in response to Daryl Fridley's letter, "Public should be involved in cuts at our schools." I am a junior at Central High School, and I am in Fridley's U.S. history class. I completely agree with Fridley's letter and would like to provide a student's perspective on this matter.

Today I was called into the counselor's office and informed that one of the classes I have signed up for was canceled. The class quota was 20 students, and only 14 signed up. This was an economics class, and those of us who signed up thought it was a vital course we needed to take.

I had to figure out another elective to take in order to graduate. I pondered the possibilities and made a decision, only to be notified that my second choice was also canceled but for different reasons. Since Fridley is leaving to pursue his doctorate, the administration has decided not to replace him. That leaves me and the other students without classes I feel I need to take.

Other classes were also canceled, and others are threatened to be canceled. These classes are a necessity to some of the more academic-excelled students. It outrages me that I will not get an opportunity to experience these rewarding classes.

The community and the students should make these decisions rather than administrators who have no idea to what degree this is effecting the students.


Cape Girardeau