Speak Out: The Debt Crisis who is the blame?

Posted by swampeastmissouri on Sat, Jul 23, 2011, at 7:58 AM:

The past few weeks we americans have witness our congress and President battle over the debt crisis that this country faces. The question is who is to blame? bottomline we all are to blame for letting this problem get out of control and not paying attention over the years what our elected officials were doing. All of the federal grants, welfare programs, education programs, unemployment benefits, wars, natural disasters, greed on and on and on everybody wanting there fair share of the money and the old debt just kept mounting 40 years worth and it all came to a head in september of 2008 when the invoice came due and we could not pay it. Homes being sold to people for $300,000.00 to $500,0000.00 to people with annual incomes of only $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 a year knowing these people could not meet those hefty payments. Credit cards to every tom, dick and harry regardless whether they could pay it back or not, big SUVs two to three in every drive way. This went on for years and then some wonder how in the world did we get where were at today on the verge of bankruptcy. We have a two party system that is broken both republican and democrat neither one is functional today. The republican party is not the party of Reagan today and the democratic party is not the party of Harry Truman. When all said and done this mess lies on the shoulders of each and everyone of us we the people will have to clean it up and start rebuilding our country back to what she once was we have tough times ahead but we can do it and we will do it because we are americans and we are proud of our great nation.

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  • Probably the most disappointing part of this process is a failure of any politician to suggest a specific cut. Imagine the political hay President Obama could have made if he simply cancelled a trip to Hawaii on Air Force One to save the government money. Imagine the political hay John Boehner could have made if he would have brought up legislation to close tax loopholes, like requiring hedge fund managers to pay social security and earned income taxes on their earnings. No one but hedge fund managers would have viewed this as a tax increase.

    Even Jo Ann Emerson announced she cut her Congressional staff expenses by 17%. Why don't Republicans shout such modest moves from the mountain top to get support?

    Even President Obama could claim credit that his stimulus package saved state budgets (including Missouri to the tune of $900 million)from fiscal collapse. Instead he threatens poverty-threatened seniors with loss of basic sustenance.

    -- Posted by nolimitsonthought on Sat, Jul 23, 2011, at 9:00 AM
  • The fault lies in one word: OBAMA!

    -- Posted by voyager on Sat, Jul 23, 2011, at 2:16 PM

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