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Posted by David Schaefer on Sun, Sep 22, 2019, at 8:21 AM:

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Youth baseball

PRS2 "promised" our community a new baseball complex to serve the needs of our younger (12 and under) baseball community who currently utilize Arena Park where fields are located in a flood zone and on SEMO District Fair property. $4.5 million was allocated in PRS2 for this purpose. The new facility would not only provide for the needs of our youth year around but provide opportunities for additional revenues in the way of hosting tournaments. Mr. Lanzotti now wants to use $1.5 million of these funds for improvements to existing facilities at the high school for fields not serving the intended age group and limiting public use to four months. This is not what 81% of voters who supported PRS2 signed up for. Bad idea!

Gaffe masters

It is interesting to see Ms. Ross call out Mr. Biden for his gaffes. After almost three years of Mr. Trump's gaffes, I would think folks would almost be immune or hardly notice. Presidential debates between these two gaffe masters would be amusing and worth watching!

Another gimmick

The Jackson school superintendent announced there were over 7,000 fans at the Cape vs Jackson high school football game. They don't sell alcohol there, but they do win. And that's why the stands are packed game after game. The Southeast Regents should take note of that before trying another gimmick.

Iran deal?

How many generations past our children and grandchildren will pay for the mess that the Trump Administration is stirring with Iran? Pulling out of an existing deal, creating havoc with their economy, starving their people all in the hopes of getting a "better" deal that Trump can claim? Our country will pay an enormous price for this bad faith "negotiating" and maximum pressure campaign -- unfortunately it will be in lost lives, future terror attacks and lost trust in the United States.

School debacle

Having learned nothing from the failed aquatic center debacle, the Cape Girardeau School Board approved a master facilities plan including major renovations to the baseball and softball fields. Now the district has to figure out how to pay for it, which is estimated to cost $5 million. You're not playing with Monopoly money! These are our taxes!

Veterans Drive

The current portion of Veterans Drive has really been a benefit, but I'm not so sure about the extension. It is going to lead traffic right by the Drury Plaza onto an already congested area where a very poor road design already can't properly handle traffic. Maybe money needs to be spent on redesigning the intersection onto Kingshighway where Starbucks, Fed Ex and other retail locations have to zigzag a concrete median.

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    Youth baseball: Wow, does one person overrule the 81% - this is America right....then whoever you are change your mind and do what's right.

    Gaffe masters: Mr. Biden's gaffes goes back at least 15 years.

    Another gimmick: Why not substitute the Jackson football team for SEMO's and let them play their opponents.

    Iran deal: Has any Americans died yet from Trump's involvement with Iran - No. To negotiate (something that Obama knew nothing about) one has to have the upper hand.

    School debacle: City Hall wants to add all of the improvements to their resume no matter who pays for it now and into the future.

    Veterans Drive: Why not tie in the Veterans Drive extension to the west end of Independence St.

    And that's the way it should be according to Schaefer's World....Sunday September 22, 2019.

    -- Posted by David Schaefer on Sun, Sep 22, 2019, at 8:38 AM
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    "Pulling out of an existing deal, creating havoc with their economy, starving their people all in the hopes of getting a "better" deal that Trump can claim?"

    The existing "DEAL" was a two man show for Obama's legacy and nothing more. It was not a treaty approved by Congress and should have never been made. How short some people's memories are.

    Only "DEALS" with foreign nations that are approved by Congress should be allowed to stand. This is not a Monarchy and Obama was merely President, not King.

    -- Posted by Ralph VanGennip on Sun, Sep 22, 2019, at 8:49 AM

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