Speak Out: 8/17/18

Posted by David Schaefer on Fri, Aug 17, 2018, at 7:17 AM:

Bricks needed

If I build a football program "brick by brick", are these bricks wins or losses? The answer lets me know if I'm building a nice ranch-style home or just a dog house. Woof-woof.

No Chiefs on TV

It's football season. Yay! But, once again, we can't watch the only Missouri team, the Kansas City Chiefs! All of these channels, and no one is showing the game!


People are cheering because Prop A was voted down. Don't misunderstand; I am not anti-union, they are a necessary evil. There are some faults with unions, (1) With unions the weakest link gets the same pay and benefits as the strongest link, no reasons to do a better job or improve yourself. (2) People complain about the bosses' salaries, has anyone checked to see what the union bosses are making, and not for working for the laborer, but schmoozing with the politicians? (3) The unions support causes that have nothing to do with labor, but because they want political help they go along with the politicians. (4) Finally, Prop A could have made unions stronger and more effective for the laborer, instead of being guaranteed their money, they would have to work and earn their support just like the laborer works and earns his salary.

Public works

It is always good to have a new public works director who understands the department and the people. But I do think department heads should live in the city.

Mrs. Trump

Democrats are ignorant of the differences between the legal immigration of First Lady Melania Trump's parents and all the criminals who come here illegally without following the established laws of our land.

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    Bricks needed: Depends on what school district is footing the bill - could be a dog house or a mansion.

    No Chiefs on TV: Professional football has messed in their nest so who cares. College football is the real deal.

    Unions: They got their place but a person has the right to join or not to join a union.

    Public works: Why, does living in the city make a person a better public works director.

    Mrs. Trump: Legal is coming here by the existing rules and laws whereas Illegal is jumping the fence or swimming the river in order to get here.

    And that's the way it should be according to Schaefer's World....Friday August 17, 2018.

    -- Posted by David Schaefer on Fri, Aug 17, 2018, at 7:36 AM

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