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Posted by Diseased. ..Turtle on Wed, Apr 14, 2021, at 7:44 AM:

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Speak Out

When a comprehensive history of social media is written, Speak Out will be prominently remembered as a key, originally low-tech precursor to Twitter and an inspiration to those originally thought not to be aware of it such as Jobs, Zuckerberg and Trump.

National Parks

Because they were depopulated and confiscated, I think it is well past time to return all U. S. National Parks to America's exploited Indigenous people.

Culture issues

The GOP has decided to stake their entire existence on fighting the "culture" wars. Rather than wanting to heal the nation after the complete dumpster fire Trump wrought on America they want to attack transgender issues, Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. The border mess, infrastructure and COVID relief take a back seat to their shallow cancel culture concerns. If they actually cared about ALL Americans rather than just their base they might make a contribution to helping out.

Medicaid expansion

So now our State Legislators think the voters were duped, scammed and gaslighted by "liberal" groups to vote for Medicaid expansion. Are you kidding? We voted for it because we wanted it! This seems to be the new strategy of Republicans; when you lose a free and fair election just change the rules. Don't mess with Medicaid expansion, we need it!

BLM agenda

Black Lives rail against police officers but they fail to talk about the ratio of cops shot and killed by Black men. That ratio is 18 to 1 of Blacks killing cops. Every weekend young Black men in Chicago and other blue states are killing each other but not a word from Black Lives Matter. Why not? Are they truly concerned about Black lives or are they just trying to get people to donate money to them. The leader of Black Lives Matter just bought a multi-million dollar home in an all white neighborhood. Maybe she could have donated some of that money to the crime victims' families.

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