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Modern scoreboards at Capaha Field

Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2016, at 12:00 AM

G.D. Fronabarger made this undated photograph, possibly in the 1950s, of the baseball field at Capaha Park that shows the manual scoreboard used at the time. The story below from 1949 describes the square clock on top of the scoreboard. In the close-up below, note the inning numbers from right to left for the attendant to see. The game appears to be in the top of the third inning. There is a ladder on the far-left support.

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Aug. 13, 1949 Southeast Missourian

New Scoreboard Used

The electric scoreboard at Capaha Park was placed in operation Friday night for the first time. It was operated by hand but later on will be run by controls from the grandstand.

The scoreboard itself is 25 feet long and 5 1/2-feet high and sets eight feet off the ground.

A clock, 5 feet 8 inches square, adorns the top and from the top of the clock to the ground is 26 feet.

Balls, strikes and outs are designated by electric lights. The scoreboard is owned by the General Sign Co. and the cost of its erection was $1,200. Lon Maxey of the sign company was in charge of the scoreboard and was instrumental in its being erected.

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The photo above shows the scoreboard owned by General Sign Co. and the advertising design believed to be the original. In the photo below, circa 1961, the design has been changed. (G.D. Fronabarger photos)

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July 30, 1994 Southeast Missourian

Chris Orthwein, left, with General Sign Co. and Jay Crosnoe looked over the new scoreboard at Capaha Park Friday afternoon. The scoreboard was funded by Pepsi and Capaha Field Improvement Committee. (Lou Peukert photo)

Score another addition

New scoreboard latest improvement at Capaha Park

By Marty Mishow

The baseball field at Capaha Park continues to stamp itself as one of the finest in the region.

A brand-new scoreboard is in place at Capaha Park and it should be operational in just a few days. The scoreboard will add even more luster to an already-impressive facility.

The new scoreboard measures approximately 38 feet wide and 22 feet high. It will take the place of the old, much smaller scoreboard, which had very few features other than basic balls, strikes, outs and score.

"Really, for what we've done to the park over the past few years, that old scoreboard was pretty out of date," said Crosnoe. "This is definitely going to add a lot to the field."

The new scoreboard, which reportedly cost close to $50,000, is a joint project of the Capaha Field Improvement Committee and Pepsi, which serves as a major sponsor. Much of the money was raised by the Capaha committee through donations and selling ads that will go around the scoreboard.

Aug. 5 is the target date for when the new scoreboard will be totally operational. So it should be in use for the American Legion State Tournament that will be held Aug. 11-14 at Capaha Park.


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