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Fred Lynch

Union Bus Center

Posted Friday, August 1, 2014, at 12:00 AM

July 21, 1947 Southeast Missourian

Bus Lines Move to New Cape Building

Operation of bus lines schedules from the new terminal on South Spanish street began early today. The terminal is jointly leased by Dixie Greyhound Lines and Southern Bus Lines, and also operating from it are shorter lines, Southeast Missouri Bus Lines, Carbondale & Harrisburg Bus Line, Scofield Bus Line and Frisco Transportation Co.

All buses load and unload off the street at the new terminal so as not to hamper traffic. Loading platforms are located on the west (front) and south sides of the structure. The lot also contains space for taxicab parking. The building has a 50-foot frontage and is 32 feet in width.

Greyhound moved its offices Sunday night from the building at 735 Broadway it had occupied since 1942 and on which it has a lease. The Broadway building has been sub-leased by Greyhound to C.L. Houser, who had the ticket office and restaurant, and who will now operate the Dixie Dairy Bar and restaurant in the location. The structure, owned by Anton Haas, has a Broadway frontage of 35 feet and is 100 feet long.

The site is now the Bel Air Grill.

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  • After the bus station closed, John and Iola Baker opened Baker's Big Burger in that location. Had great burgers and 'blue plate' specials.

    -- Posted by Astowick on Fri, Aug 1, 2014, at 11:51 PM