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9th annual Lions Pancake Day 1947

Posted Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 12:00 AM

April 3, 1947 Southeast Missourian

Lions Club members Elmer Haman, left, J.C. Logan and James A. Finch Jr. make pancakes at their ninth annual Pancake Day on April 2, 1947. The event was held at Millikan Motor Co. on Broadway in Cape Girardeau.

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The Lions were doing a thriving business at their Pancake Day when this picture was taken at noon Wednesday, April 2, 1947. In the picture, Lion Alvin Macke, turned waiter for the occasion, looks after his customers. (G.D. Fronabarger photos)

April 1, 1947 Southeast Missourian

Annual Pancake Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be Pancake Day in Cape Girardeau. For the ninth consecutive year the Lions will serve pancakes to the public and from early reports on ticket sales a new high record is assured. At the meeting last week members in attendance reported sales of more than 4000 tickets and more have been disposed of since.

The event will again be held at the Homer Millikan Motor Co. salesroom at 817 Broadway, with the doors opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 8 o'clock in the evening. Patrons will be served at any time during the opening and closing hours, but it is suggested that those who desire to avoid the rush come between 8 and 11:30 a.m. or between 1 and 5 p.m.

As usual three large cakes, butter, syrup and a cup of coffee will be served each patron for 25 cents. Those who failed to purchase tickets in advance may obtain them at the door.

Members of the club started work this morning getting the building in condition. The kitchen committee set up their work tables, stoves, dishwashing tubs, etc. and the property committee was busy getting all the necessary utensils ready. The waiters are to assemble this evening at 7 o'clock to put up the tables, get the chairs in place and prepare all other things to start serving at the opening hour.

Every member of the club--80 in all--have been assigned definite duties and are expected to be on hand throughout the day.

Arthur Clark and Lehman Finch are co-chairmen of the general committee; Louis Schultz heads the sales committee; L.J. Bahn heads the equipment committee; Paul Spitzmiller is chairman of the food committee; Henry DeTournay is head of the property committee; Keith R. Tolliver is chairman of the dish committee; Dr. R.W. Rixman heads the waiters; and R.D. Harrison is boss of the cooks.

Jan. 27, 1944 Southeast Missourian

Lions Plan for Pancake Day; Annual Club Event March 22

The Lions Club, at its weekly meeting held Wednesday night at Country Club, set Wednesday, March 22, as the date for Pancake Day and the place for holding it the Wm. Vedder building, adjoining The Missourian building, on Broadway.

While proceeds from Pancake Day in previous years have been used to furnish milk for needy children in the schools of the city, it was reported that there is no longer such a need so proceeds from this year's activity will be set aside for child welfare work.

The club members discussed at length various phases of child welfare, some believing that the fund should be used exclusively for infantile paralysis victims, others suggesting that the fund be used for crippled children's work and others insisting that the fund be used for tuberculosis work.

It was finally agreed, however, that the fund be used for any of the things mentioned, so long as the money is expended for welfare of children.

President Joe L. Moseley of the club was instructed to appoint a committee to handle the fund and the committee is to be named immediately so the work can be started. Secretary Byron Dormeyer announced that most of last year's earnings from Pancake Day are still on hand, so there will be funds to start the work as soon as the committee can be named and organized.

The Lions Club adopted Pancake Day as a means of raising money for carrying on its milk and meat fund activity in 1939, the first event being held on April 19 of that year. It proved so successful that it has been held each year since and more people have been served the cakes every year over the previous year. An average of around $500 has been cleared from the event each year.

March 19, 1942 Southeast Missourian

Lions Shatter Past Records

The Lions Club broke all records at its fourth annual Pancake Day Wednesday, serving 2148 customers, or 229 more than the previous record, established last year. Club officials today estimated gross receipts at approximately $930, and said more than $700 of this will be net profit and will go into the club's milk fund for needy school children.

The event was held on the ground floor of the H-H building, in the former quarters of the old Sturdivant Bank, and was marked by the largest supper crowd in Pancake Day history. About 325 persons were served at breakfast. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon only 925 persons had been served, the remainder coming for the supper session. At one time the line of patrons waiting to gain entrance to the building stretched west on the sidewalk more than a half block.

Will Be Repeated

Serving began shortly after 6 o'clock in the morning and continued until 10 o'clock Wednesday night. The event will be continued again next year, if present plans are carried out, club officials said.

The big crowd Wednesday ate 13,800 pancakes. An idea of just how much of the various ingredients going to make up the pancake servings is reflected on the following list: 192 gallons of batter, 146 pounds of coffee, 72 pounds shortening, three barrels (1200 pounds) flour, 50 quarts coffee cream, 70 dozen eggs, 7 pounds salt, 125 pounds sugar, 60 gallons syrup, and 100 gallons skim milk.

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