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Fred Lynch

Blue Hole Bar-B-Que

Posted Wednesday, July 24, 2013, at 12:00 AM

July 12, 1987 Southeast Missourian

Blue Hole Bar-B-Que, 204 North Kingshighway, is being sold to a group of Rolla investors, who plan to replace the building with an Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant. For over 60 years, Blue Hole has been known in the area for its tasty barbecued-pork sandwiches.

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  • The Blue Hole set the standard for BBQ sandwiches in Cape, for sure.


    Some folks have said Hamburger Express comes close to them. I don't know about that, but their ribs and catfish sure are good.


    Five generations of our family has been fond of Wib's BBQ in Jackson.


    Anybody who would consider an Arby's a replacement for the Blue Hole doesn't know barbecue OR roast beef. That's like saying a McDonald's hamburger is as good as a Wimpyburger.


    -- Posted by ksteinhoff on Wed, Jul 24, 2013, at 10:13 AM
  • Hi Fred,

    Good picture and information. Do you have any pictures of the early Blue Hole Barbecue place that was out by the old Marquette Cement Plant; near the Natatorium? (sp?) It was THE best ever and the car hop, Ted Pet, always remembered what you usually ordered. He was an overall amazing person as was his wife.

    Oh for the good old days. Wish someone had that sauce recipe.

    -- Posted by svev3 on Thu, Jul 25, 2013, at 12:41 PM
  • oh man..the sauce!!! amazing!!

    -- Posted by peter_grant on Thu, Jul 25, 2013, at 3:22 PM
  • I worked for the Bishop family in 69 70 71 as a curbhop. Great people. Best food in town, my name is Herb or Steve Glueck. Herbs my nick name from my father an brother

    -- Posted by prees and Herb on Mon, Jul 29, 2013, at 10:25 PM