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New Fire Station No. 2 on Independence

Posted Friday, July 26, 2013, at 12:00 AM

July 26, 1951 Southeast Missourian

Bright and shiny after a coat of polish, the GMC 750-gallon pumper, left, and the International auxiliary pumper stand ready to roll from the $30,000 Independence street fire station. Longview is in the background. (G.D. Fronabarger photo)

Saturday, Sunday Showing for New Fire Headquarters

The new Independence street fire station (in the 1600 block) will be open Saturday and Sunday for inspection by the citizens it protects. They will see one of the most modern and efficient stations in southeast Missouri.

The new fire fighting unit had its initiation Tuesday when a crew answered the first alarm flashed to the station.

Costing $30,000, the building is of low-slung, ranch design, made of brick. Members of the fire department drew up the floor plan for the structure and the architects adhered closely to the original sketch, Chief Carl Lewis said.

Seconds-saving was one of the first considerations in laying out the building. With the engine room in the center of the building, it can be reached directly from any other room. The office, lounge, workshop and sleeping quarters open into the garage. This isn't true in many stations where precious seconds are lost in traveling through corridors.

Quick Door Opening

Two truck room doors are motor-raised. A chain hangs from the ceiling beside the driver's door of each pumper. The driver can have his path clear in less than 10 seconds by yanking the chain, raising the door.

If the hoisting motor jams, the doors can be opened manually by tugging another chain, clearing the mechanism.

On the east side of the fire engine room is the combination lounge and kitchen. It also doubles as a classroom when necessary. Like all the other rooms at Station No. 2--official designation of the new house--the lounge-kitchen is whistle-clean. Plenty of windows give the rooms special brightness.

Tools, purchased over the last three years, equip the station workshop to handle all but major repair work. The department's master mechanic, Henry Miesner, inspects the station's equipment regularly.

The station is radiantly heated and four different temperatures can be set at different points in the building. Heat is circulated through the floor, a break for the firefighters because they wash their trucks down frequently and the floor dries in big-time fashion.

Chief Lewis and the men on duty at Independence street are anxious to landscape a raw limestone-jutted hill behind the station. Shrubbery costs make the plan prohibitive, however. The Chief said his men would welcome some rose bushes and other plantings for their hillside garden.

One crew is commanded by Elvis Crump. With him are Lindell Riehn and Delano Hobbs. Capt. Norville Carr with Bill hamilton and Fred Cook, make up the other 24-hour crew.

The public is welcomed at any time to visit the station, but there will be coffee and doughnuts for persons calling during the open house.

Editor's Note:

The fire station served the city for 38 years. It was replaced by the new Fire Station No. 2 at 378 South Mount Auburn Road. Built at a cost of $550,000, the building was dedicated Jan. 27, 1991.


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