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Fred Lynch

Signs of the holiday season

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012, at 12:00 AM

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Nov. 20, 1987 Southeast Missourian

A sure sign of the holiday season is the annual hanging of the Broadway Christmas decorations by Union Electric employees. Above Broadway at Spanish Street, Jerry McDowell, left, and Steve Walker hang the decorations. Union Electric employees annually install the holiday ornaments. (Fred Lynch photo)

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Nov. 26, 1986 Southeast Missourian

The old-fashioned style street clock, the most visible symbol of downtown redevelopment in Cape Girardeau, fits right in with the Yuletide decorations on Main Street. But unlike the regular Christmas decorations, the clock is a permanent fixture here. (Fred Lynch photo)

Editor's Note:

The top photo shows the Cahoon building. At the time it housed a pawn shop and Army surplus store. The building was razed in 1989.

Read about its history in this previous blog.


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