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Mystery photos solved 9/3/2012

Posted Monday, September 3, 2012, at 12:00 AM

Readers have identified some of our mystery photos which can be viewed here:

Mystery photo galleries

Readers have contacted librarian Sharon Sanders with identification for these mystery photos. A mystery photo gallery is published each Tuesday at semissourian.com.


Pat Meyers Jenkins spotted her sister in photo 1:

"The first person in line is my sister, Nancy Meyers. She had a dance studio in Cape. I will check with her to see if she might know the other ladies."

This photo by G.D. Fronabarger was published May 25, 1963 in the Southeast Missourian. Here is the caption:

“Weight forward.” From left, Nancy Meyers, Martha Mahy, Mrs. Max Cordonnier, Mrs. W.R. Withers and Mrs. William C. Baum, who teaches the other women ballet in an adult class.


Pat Meyers Jenkins was able to name all those Notre Dame cheerleaders in photo 5:

"Notre Dame cheerleaders picture is from 1963. Front row, left to right: Jayne Patrick, Barb Rafferty, Pat Meyers, Sharon Braun, and Lori Lee Schwartz. Back row, left to right: Diane Merideth, Cathy Casey, Mary Rose Campbell, Jo Ann Fornkohl, Linda Sides, Nina Glastetter, and Cheri Jones."

Joan Griffaw helped put some names to the faces in photo 6:

"This photo would be from the early 1960's. Second from the left: Clarence Lee Shirrell; third from left: Jim Griffaw (my late husband). The trailer in the background is Tucker Truck Line, a long time business in Cape."

The man second from the right is Jean Cavaner. He was associated with his mother at Big Star Market from 1961 to 1972. He then started Shoppers Warehouse Market, the first discount grocery store in Cape Girardeau.


Nancy Wilson recognized her grandmother in photo 1:

"I believe that this is a picture of my grandmother, Mrs. Thomas H. (Vina Fronabarger) Jenkins and her granddaughter Barbara Jo Jenkins. Vina would be an aunt to G.D. Fronabarger."

Nancy Wilson also commented about photo 6, which was also published as a mystery picture in the Sunday, July 15 edition:

"The mystery photo in Sunday's newspaper is Shelton and Virginia Fulton and their daughter Sandra. They are currently living in Jackson, Mo. Don't know where the picture was taken."

Greg Illers provided the identification for one of the men in photo 8:

"I think the middle gentleman is Dr. Del Brunton. Dr. Del Brunton was my dentist for many years, so I think this is a picture when he was very young. I attended Alma Schrader School for 3 years, until Hawthorne School was built."

Nov. 10, 1961 Southeast Missourian

There was a full house for the district dental workshop at State College Thursday. From the left are Raymond Roberts of the State Department of Education, Jefferson City; President Mark Scully of the college, Dr. Del Brunton of Cape, workshop chairman; Bill Haman, instructor at Central High School, who gave one of the talks; Ralph Knowles of the Division of Health, Jefferson City; Miss Maxine Bounds, teacher at Fredericktown, who was on the program, and Mrs. Imogene Webb, an elementary grade supervisor, State College.


Greg Gohn was pleased to see himself as a child in photo 1:

"The fourth child in line with light colored shirt and dark collar is me, Greg Gohn. The school is Alma Schrader, and it is early '60s. I don't know exact year, but I am 55 years old now. I'm sorry I don't have a clue who anyone else is. Thank you for posting this picture. I got a kick out of seeing it!!!"

In the same photo, Amy English spotted her mom:

"The first girl is my mom. Her name is Bonnie Holshouser (English). She is the one with the checkered dress with the buttons in the top."

Linda Farrar provided more information about that photo:

"I'm not sure, but I think I recognize the boy second in line in the cafeteria photo. He is now deceased, but I went to kindergarten at Alma Schrader in 1962 or 1963 and this young man's name was Rob Schultz. But, I wish I could be sure. I thought I'd send this just in case others may have said the same. I really enjoy these Mystery Photo segments. Good job!!"

Erin Hoehn recognized one of the cafeteria ladies in the same picture:

"I have identified my grandmother in this photo. She is the third lunch lady from the left. She is behind the plant. My grandmother worked at Alma Schrader school for quite awhile. Her name is Virginia Wright."

Greg Illers added this about the cafeteria kids:

"The first picture, featuring the picture of children in a school cafeteria line, may be Alma Schrader school and the first boy, behind the girl, may be Rob Schultz."


Randy Horrell found his parents playing bingo in photo 2:

"In your mystery photo #2, bingo players are of my parents. Left to right are Larry and Mary Horrell and the next couple is Kathleen and Marvin LeGrand. Not sure of where the picture was taken, my father is thinking on this. My mother passed away in January of 2011 or she would surely know. I am ordering some of these pictures now. Thanks."


Bob McBride knew two of the people in photo 7:

"Photo number 7, picnic in the park: The first man on the right is J.W."Brownie" McBride,

and next to him is Walter "Doc" Ford. The rest of the people I don't know."

Bob McBride, son of J.W. McBride


Several people let us know who the singing beauties were in photo 1.

From David Limbaugh: "I assume someone has informed you already, but this is a picture of Mary Frances Kinder (Peter and Frank's mother) and Millie Limbaugh (Rush's and my mother). Thanks."

From Frank Kinder: "From their looks and the scene, it would probably be in the early '60's, when they appeared with some regularity on the Breakfast Show to sing the silly songs. I remember those moments, but cannot recall how they were introduced -- did they have a name for the duo? Also, does anyone recognize that wood-paneled setting behind them?"

From Peter Kinder: "Yep. Old Memorial Student Union at SEMO next to Academic Hall."

And, from Dr. David Crow: "The two women singing in your "mystery gallery" photo on the cover of today's paper are Mary Frances Kinder and Millie Limbaugh."

Harold W. Hager knew several people in photo 4:

"In Mystery Photo 4 with Dean Rose and Fred Goodwin, I believe the third student from the left in the front row is William B. Gruttke, BA, 1963. He subsequently received the Ph.D. in mathematics from St. Louis University."


This former Frony mystery photo has been identified. It was published on the front page of the March 16, 1956 Southeast Missourian.

Among the early registrants today at the convention of the Missouri Association of Student Councils was a trio of students from Wellston High School, St. Louis County. The three, standing together, are John Dobbin, Lorraine Smith and Jim Sparks. Standing to the right is Miss Marjorie Garrett of Central High, one of the host schools. Registering them are, from the left seated, Miss Glenda Rae Beardslee of Illmo-Fornfelt, Miss Emma Gene Roberts of Illmo-Fornfelt, Miss George Ann Huck of Illmo-Fornfelt and Miss Gloria Krieger of Central High. (G.D. Fronabarger photo)

We received several emails concerning photo 7:

From Debra Riehn: "This picture looks like it was taken at a dartball night at Hanover Lutheran Church in Cape. It's in the Quonset hut that was torn down not long ago. I recognize some of the gentlemen as members of Hanover Church. My grandfather played dartball there a lot. My family were members at Hanover for years! I remember the dartball league and the Men's Club sponsored the skating night each week. When I was old enough, Grandpa Schwettman used to take me to the skating night and I helped put on clamp-on skates each week. It was a packed house EVERY week!! I remember that hut housing MANY, many, many events . . . vacation Bible school activities, wedding receptions, sausage suppers, dartball tournaments, skating. . . it was a fun place to be! I look forward to seeing more pictures from there - it sure brings back a lot of good memories!"

From Victoria Michael: "Picture 7 (the line of men) was taken in the old Hanover Quonset hut. It was torn down recently and replaced by the multipurpose building. The men used to be part of dartball teams that played other congregations. The building was used for skating on Fridays, had a stage where programs and plays were performed and where many pot-luck and sausage suppers were held. I was in a play or two there and attended many functions there over the years. I still attend Hanover. I recognize a few faces, but can't put names to them. Actually, the men still have dartball teams and tournaments, though not so many young guys participate. I made it sound as if that was gone now, but it isn't. I think the nearest guy is Walter Phillips, the fourth is Mr. Krueger and the ninth is my grandpa Ed Mullins. I think. It seems he had a beard going which he would have grown for the sesquicentennial in the 50s. There was a contest or something for the men who grew beards and women wore Prairie type dresses. I have a picture of my dad and grandpa with my mom and I during that time. How can I get a copy of that picture?

From Donna Heuer: "This photo was taken at the Hanover Invitational Dartball Tournament. The location is Hanover Lutheran Church quonset building on Perryville Road, Cape. We do not know the year. Hanover hosted this tournament yearly for Cape Girardeau County and Perry County Lutheran Church dartball teams. We believe the gentlemen pictured were all the team captains.

The gentleman on the far left is Walter Phillips of Hanover, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

The gentleman fourth from the left is Bill Wessel of Zion Lutheran, Gordonville, Mo.

The gentleman fifth from the left is my husband's father, Willard Heuer, Hanover, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

We believe the gentleman seventh from the left is Melvin Hoffman, St. Paul Lutheran, Jackson, Mo. - but not sure. The lady on the stage in the center with the dark hair is my husband's mother, Marge Heuer, Hanover, Cape Girardeau, Mo."

Linda Dowd knew one of the men in photo 7:

"The guy on the left is John Kenneth Hale. He worked at the Chaffee bank and in 1960 started with Cape State Bank."

UPDATE: A similar photo was published March 27, 1963 in the Southeast Missourian on Page 8. Link: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=Oc-rVwKPngoC&dat=19630327&printsec=frontpage&hl=en


Donna McClain spotted her mother among queen candidates from a Cape Girardeau Labor Day celebration in photo 1:

"The lady third from the right is my mother, Jo Ann Adams-Monroe-Henley. This picture was taken, I believe, in 1955 when she was a contestant and rode on a float in a parade, maybe a Labor Day Parade. The float she was on was for the Carpenters Union. We still have her dress. She does not know the others, but they were on floats as well. She said she has (somewhere) the clipping out of the Missourian with the names of the others but doesn't know for sure where it is."

Sharon Sanders note: "From the information provided by Donna McClain, I was able to locate the photograph. It was published in the Missourian on Sept. 6, 1955:"

Labor Day beauties. These lovely misses vied for honors as queen during the celebration Monday staged by the community's labor organizations. From the left, and their sponsors: Miss Charlotte Moore, painters and decorators; Miss Judy Hargraves, cement workers; Miss Barbara Followell, the queen, hotel and restaurant employees; Miss Mary Helen Miller, Chamber of Commerce and retail merchants; Miss Joan Adams, carpenters; Miss Norma Barringer, telephone workers, and Miss Glenda Henson, shoe workers.


A couple of the children in photo 1 were identified.

From Dinia R. Jenkins: "Hello, I recognize the two African-American girls on the right. The farthest to the right is Brenda Colon-Newbern. I called her and she confirmed it was indeed her. The second African-American girl is Carolyn Harris according to Brenda. Brenda couldn't remember where they were but thought it might have been a some sort of fair. Hope this helped."

From Brenda Newbern:

I am the short girl on the end with bangs....Brenda Colon.

Both Linda Dowd and anonymous writer jgwelter provided the names of the Science Fair students in photo 6:

"The science photo (Cloud Chamber) is of Chaffee, Mo., students. The young man standing is Jim Harmon, the one seated is Bob Goin. The girl on the left is Ruth Ann Schwach and then Doris Meyr.

Paul Kesterson saw himself in photo 2:

"The mystery photo on today's paper was taken at Jefferson School around 1962-1964. I am the young man in the front of the wagon (striped shirt). I do know that the tall Indian holding the shield was Brad Followell, and I think the young man sitting beside me is David Fox. I'm trying to get my mother to find that picture because we have it somewhere. She also has the original article she cut out of the paper when the picture ran, which she is also trying to locate. I can't remember the names of the other children in the picture."

UPDATE: This photo was found published on Page 4B of the March 2, 1963 Southeast Missourian. Link: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=Oc-rVwKPngoC&dat=19630228&printsec=frontpage&hl=en


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  • I am not from Cape Girardeau, but having spent well over half my life here I feel like it is "my" town now. Seeing these pictures and the subsequent happy answers from people seeing long ago events and family members is a really positive experience, and helps me learn more of the history around here. And while I know I don't have any family in these pictures so many of them are similar to photos in my and my parent's photo albums that they bring back fond memories for me as well. Please keep this going!

    -- Posted by Catbert on Mon, Sep 3, 2012, at 10:18 AM