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Fred Lynch

Hecht's Store 1927

Posted Monday, October 8, 2012, at 12:00 AM

Louis Hecht opened his first clothing store at 135 N. Main St. on March 29, 1917, but in 1918 he sold his stock of goods, closed the store and went off to serve in World War I. He reopened his store at 127 N. Main in 1919. This photo was made at the opening of a brand new building at 107 N. Main on Dec. 5, 1927. (Kassel's Studio photo)

Scott Moyers wrote this story about Hecht's Store, "A Fitting Legacy," for the Oct. 15, 2003 Southeast Missourian.

Read a front-page story of the new Hecht's Store opening in a microfilm, Dec. 5, 1927 Southeast Missourian.


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