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Fred Lynch

Ice Storm at Academic Hall 1927

Posted Monday, January 23, 2012, at 12:00 AM

This picture was made by an unknown photographer of the sleet and ice storm at Teachers College in Cape Girardeau on Jan. 22, 1927.

Jan. 24, 1927 Southeast Missourian

Southeast Missouri Hard Hit by Storm; District is Isolated

No Wire Communication with Outside World Possible; Thousands of Trees Destroyed by Weight of Ice; Fruit Trees are Ruined

College Campus Trees Destroyed by Ice Coating

Practically every tree on the Teachers College campus was damaged by the ice and sleet storm and in many cases trees, some of them older than the college buildings, were destroyed, President Joseph A. Serena said today.

The campus proper, in front and to the sides of Academic Hall, today was a mass of broken and tangled limbs and debris.

The orchard on the college farm was also heavily damaged by the storm, branches being torn from the young trees, while in some instances even the entire trees have broken down from the unusual weight.

Picturesque "Home of the Birds" to the rear of the college buildings was a mass of tangled wreckage, the rugged section being strewn with broken boughs.

Here is a previous blog on the "Home of the Birds."


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