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Ozark Air Lines

Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2011, at 6:00 AM

Passengers board an Ozark Air Lines flight at the Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport in this undated photo by G.D. Fronabarger.

In 1986, Trans World Airlines merged with Ozark Air Lines.

Jan. 8, 1951 Southeast Missourian

Official Opening Set for Air Line

City officials and community leaders will be on hand at Municipal Airport Tuesday afternoon to extend greetings when airliner service to Cape Girardeau will be formally inaugurated by the Ozark Air Lines Inc.

The program, directed by Rush H. Limbaugh Jr., secretary of the airport board, will begin at 1:10 o'clock and the inaugural plane, bearing officials of the airline and leaders of other communities to be served, will arrive at 1:43 o'clock. The plane will remain for 10 minutes.

Greetings in behalf of the city and community will be extended by Mayor Walter H. Ford, Chamber of Commerce President Leonard A. Byron, Postmaster Nat M. Snider, and others and airline officials will speak. On the inaugural trip to St. Louis and return several local officials will be aboard the plane.

Stamp collectors from all over the nation have sent some 3500 self-addressed envelopes to the post office to be put on the first flight out of Cape Girardeau. Postmaster Nat M. Snider said they are being stamped with a new cachet.

The mail will be put on the first flight plane, scheduled to arrive at Municipal Airport at 7:59 a.m., en route to Memphis. Mr. Snider, city and other officials will make the north-bound flight at 1:49 o'clock.

A closing time schedule for airmail is being drawn up, however, in advance of this Mr. Snider said a letter will have to be in the post office approximately one hour and 20 minutes before any flight in order for the letter to make the plane. Messengers carrying the mail to the airport will leave the post office for the airport 45 or 50 minutes before each flight, Mr. Snider said.

New Air Express

Air Express will be started simultaneously with general passenger service and J. S. Smarr, agent for the Railway Express Agency here, said Cape Girardeau now will connect directly with 1300 cities on airlines; also with other cities which have no airline service. He pointed out that this city is now only 59 minutes from St. Louis, two hours from Memphis, Tenn., and eight hours from New York.

Usual pickup and delivery service will be given on Air Express, Mr. Smarr said, and a contract carrier will meet each plane to bring shipments to the downtown office. In the interest of the new service, M. F. DeBerry of Memphis, sales representative of Railway Express Agency, was here today.


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