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Fred Lynch

More Spanish Street flooding

Posted Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 7:30 AM

G.D. Fronabarger took this picture for the July 26, 1951 edition of the Southeast Missourian. It shows the intersection of Spanish and Independence streets.

F.W. Woolworth Co. is sandbagged on the corner at left. Mehrle's Market is across the street.

Two buses can be seen parked in the street south of Union Bus Center which is flooded.

July 24, 1951 Southeast Missourian

We Get Publicity

The high water having shifted away from Kansas City and St. Louis, Cape Girardeau is beginning to get its share of the publicity over the antics of the Mississippi River. One St. Louis newspaper headline this morning read: "40.28-foot Crest Here as Flood Sweeps Down to Cape Girardeau." Caption with a picture says "Cape Girardeau, with the only unprotected water front between St. Louis and the Gulf of Mexico, is doggedly sitting out the flood. Pumps are going night and day in the historic little city 150 miles south of here. Stores have built ramps to second floors and much travel is by motorboats." What isn't said, of course, is that in area less than 5 per cent of the town is affected, leaving 95 per cent high and dry."

Offers Wading Pools

Keeping up with the times, the Gately store, which has all the water it needs, but is still in operation on Main street is advertising wading pools at a reduced price. Of the type which has proven so popular, the 50-inch plastic pools are designed for the entertainment of the younger children. Despite the handicap of water in front, at the back and below, Gately's is still doing business at the same old stand.


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  • wow . they are using a boat to cross the street

    -- Posted by Smoke. on Wed, May 4, 2011, at 8:36 AM
  • The information about the A&P store is wrong. My 1949 Polk Directory says the A&P store was at 19 North Spanish where it stayed until it closed, and became an extension of Art Fishers's market. Now it's antique store.

    -- Posted by Yankee Station on Wed, May 4, 2011, at 9:15 AM
    Fred Lynch
    Correct. The A&P store building was located behind the photographer. It can be seen in the May 2 blog photo, on the left side. The floodwater did not reach up to that store.