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Mystery Solved: NUT Junction

Posted Wednesday, December 1, 2010, at 7:30 AM

We found this picture was published on May 23, 1957 of floodwaters from the Little River Diversion Channel covering Route N at the junction of Routes U and T between Delta and Leopold.

Here is the caption:

Blocked by high water, Alfred Leggett went to Delta Wednesday and during the time the heavy rain swept the district. He was unable to return to his home on Route T east of the Little River Diversion Channel. Here, he points to a gauge reading nearly 4 feet of water on Route N, whose junction with Route T is across the stream in the background. A few hours later the stream was much higher.

Mystery Solved

We found the story behind a previous mystery photo of apple butter making.

We also found the photo of city crews collecting leaves was published Nov. 8, 1960.


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  • Another classic Pointing Man photo.

    -- Posted by ksteinhoff on Wed, Dec 1, 2010, at 8:22 AM
  • When I first moved to Cape and was looking to go fishing, I asked a local for directions to a lake. The man gave great directions, but put that NUT junction in as part of them... I, to this day, have never been as lost as I became then. All because I was looking for an actual Nut (or even Knutt, Nutt, etc) Junction road to turn on.

    -- Posted by Kllrfsh on Wed, Dec 1, 2010, at 4:08 PM
  • some one send this in to fark.com

    anywho... caption time

    "I say, ya see here, that there sign over yonder gots my coon dog tied to it..."

    -- Posted by TommyStix on Thu, Dec 2, 2010, at 8:44 AM