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Kite Carnival at Jefferson School

Posted Monday, June 28, 2010, at 7:30 AM

G.D. Fronabarger took this picture at a kite carnival at Jefferson School on April 6, 1962. There was a total of 240 entries. The picture was published the next day in the Southeast Missourian.

This story which describes the school's first kite carnival was published in the Southeast Missourian on April 12, 1958:

Pupils of Jefferson School participated in the first kite carnival to be held at the school on Friday afternoon with nearly 100 kites being flown. The carnival, which will become an annual event, was sponsored by the Jefferson Parent-Teacher Unit.

The classes were divided into three groups and were judged on getting up the highest kite. The winners of the first event with the first and second grades participating were Brenda Estes, Norma Jean Ueleke, Peggy Johnson, first, second and third place, respectively; second event included third and fourth graders, Richard Hahn, Robert Hileman and Tommy Heath; third event, Ronnie Thiele, Beverly Cross and Allen Miller, fifth and sixth graders.

First place winners for the largest kite were Linda Green, Linda Blaylock, Brenda Davis, Pat Wiethop; second place, Raymond Langston and Steve Wilson, third place, Bob Eubanks. First second and third place winners for the best box kite were Barrydon Mason, Rex Wilson and Steve Hinman and smallest kite awards went to Donald Mowery and Nacy Rae Swan. The highest kite event was won by Ronnie Thiele and Danny Barks, who tied for first, David Hargraves and Raymond Langston.

T.J. McFerron, Dallas Gladish and Ernest Johnson judged the events and Miss Alma Schrader, former principal of May Greene who initiated the kite carnival at that school, was a special guest.


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  • one kite pointing down and right has 'fire man' printed on it .

    -- Posted by Ad...man on Tue, Jun 29, 2010, at 2:36 PM
  • Girl on the lefgt is Phyllis Fortner

    -- Posted by rockytop10 on Wed, Oct 20, 2010, at 7:40 PM