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Bartels Store, 430 Broadway, closes in 1957

Posted Monday, November 23, 2009, at 1:03 AM

A crowd of shoppers jams the Bartels Store, 430 Broadway in Cape Girardeau, as the closing-out sale began on Thursday, Nov. 21, 1957. The management said the crowd filled the store throughout the day.

The building was constructed in 1928 for the Montgomery Ward store. It continued in that location until 1933 when the store was moved to Main Street.

Bartels opened in the building on Sept. 9, 1937.

The photo shows two policemen standing in the center. A Shell service station, left, is at the corner of Broadway and Middle. The Rialto Theatre, right, was showing a double-feature, "Tarzan and the Lost Safari" along with "Port Afrique," plus the Three Stooges and two cartoons. Photo by G.D. Fronabarger.

From Out of the Past:

Nov. 19, 1957

The Bartels Mercantile Co., for many years one of the more popular retail stores in Cape Girardeau, will close as soon as the present stock of merchandise, fixtures and store building can be sold; the announcement comes from W.G. Bartels, who owns and manages the store with the assistance of his wife; Bartels opened in 1916.

Dec. 9, 1957

It is announced that Bartels Mercantile Co. will remain open until Dec. 14 for accounts and, after that time, they will be turned over to the firm of Spradling & Bradshaw, lawyers; the last of the store's merchandise was sold Saturday, and fixtures are being sold; Jan. 2, the building will be turned over to the new owner, Wayne Rust.

July 31, 1958

Plans for the September opening of a new furniture store in the Bartels Building, 430 Broadway, by Rust & Martin Co., are announced by Wayne Rust; the store will be operated by the Rust & Martin Co., with Gary Rust in charge.


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  • Am I asuming correctly the mercantile sold a wide variety of things?

    -- Posted by Old John on Mon, Nov 23, 2009, at 11:58 AM