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Submitted prom photos

Moon coming out of totality (12/21/10)
It was a great night for watching the total eclipse last night. This photo of the moon just coming out of darkness doesn't do it justice. Temps were a chilly 52 degrees down here in West Palm Beach, FL, but the skies were clear. P.S. I didn't get to bed until 4 a.m. Don't call me unless you owe me money...
jackson 2010 prom (05/16/10)
beautiful girls at jackson high schools gym!!
Meadow Heights Prom (04/26/10)
Prom 2010 junior girls
Meadow Heights Prom (04/26/10)
Prom 2010 senior girls
Meadow Heights Prom (04/26/10)
Senior Class
Meadow Heights Prom (04/26/10)
Oak Ridge Prom 2010 (04/26/10)
Emily Ruch, Kelsey Brown and Lauren Meyer