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Submitted deer photos

Cape Rock Friends (01/29/12)
Usually 10 to 12 deer visitors early morning and just at dusk to keep two Westies energized.
Supposed to be a bird feeder (08/04/11)
This summer many deer have been attracted to the bird feeder in the back yard. Almost every evening up to five deer will show up for the freebies.
Baby Deer (06/12/11)
We spotted this baby deer in the woods while taking a four-wheeler ride.
Albino Deer (05/03/11)
Albino deer running through field on Old Sprigg Street.
Albino Deer 2 (05/03/11)
Albino deer crossing Old Sprigg St.
Daring Doe (11/16/10)
This is one of two does that were happy to be shot with a camera instead of a gun!! After all, it was the first day of deer hunting.
Where Did You Come From? (10/28/10)
This Axis Deer wandered through our yard one morning this week. I thought I was seeing things. I knew it was not a fawn, but what was it? Upon further internet search, I found it was introduced into Texas from India in 1932. It was slow, calm, and allowed me to take several pictures of him before slowly walking away. Awesome creature!!...
A little birdie told me (08/19/10)
Deer standing on hind legs eating out of bird feeder.
Son of a Buck???? (07/26/10)
Has anyone seen this new albino baby deer? We took this on New Hopper Road 2 days ago. Is this a son - or sib - of the albino buck we've all come to know???
Albino Deer (07/16/10)
Updated picture of the same albino deer with the right split ear spotted in Cape Girardeau, Mo. July 16,2010
Albino Deer (07/16/10)
Updated picture of the Albino deer in Cape.
Albino Deer (07/16/10)
An updated picture of the Albino Deer in Cape Girardeau. Taken July 15, 2010.
Our Back Yard (02/03/10)
Deer in our back yard Friday morning, January 29, 2010.
Albino Deer (01/31/10)
Albino deer out for a morning walk
Another sighting! (01/20/10)
We were lucky enough to have the white deer across the street from the house yesterday! The picture aren't that clear because we didn't want to scare it off before we got the pic, but it's still awesome to see!
Another pic (01/20/10)
Another pic of white deer
Albino Deer in Cape Girardeau (11/18/09)
4 Point Albino deer spotted in Cape Girardeau.
Deer Herd (11/16/09)
Saw this huge herd of deer Sunday on the way home from my sister's house. Guess they found the right place to hide from all the deer hunters this weekend!! Smart deer, lol!! And NO, I'm not revealing their hiding place!!
Deer Herd (11/16/09)
This was another herd of deer I saw on the way home Sunday. They look cool in front of the fog that was hanging in the fields.
Unusual deer (11/16/09)
Saw this herd of deer as well on Sunday. Not only is there a white deer but next to it is a black deer as well. Very unusual but also very beautiful!!
Albino Deer (11/16/09)
Located on Cape Rock Dr. near Good Shepard Lutheran Chapel on November 15, 2009 at 8:15 PM.
Mama Dee & her fawn (08/10/09)
These 2 deer were among a large herd seen out feeding today! What a gorgeous sight to see!!!
Albino Deer and Raccoon Share a Snack (07/29/09)
This is a recent photo of the white deer seen around Hopper Road. The picture was taken with my brother's wildlife camera at night. The deer's eyes reflect the flash causing them to look white. Note that he is now a little over 1 year old and has 4 points...
deer in jackson (07/20/09)
Deer running through a field on East Main Street in Jackson, Mo
deer in jackson 2 (07/20/09)
Deer crossing East Main Street in Jackson, MO
Fawn (07/20/09)
Photo taken near Millersville, MO of a young fawn deer.
What a "deer" picture (06/24/09)
Great shot of deer in our yard.
Albino Baby Deer Frolicking Around (06/23/09)
Here's a shot of a baby albino deer I took Sunday evening in our neighborhood. Isn't he cute?
Eyes of the Deer (10/01/08)
Albino Deer (09/30/08)
This is an updated picture of the albino deer seen around Hopper Road. Picture was taken the night of 9/28